Online Course Registration

Please be aware of the following when signing up for classes:

1) When signing up for classes; please be aware classes are nonrefundable and if you need to change the date of your class there will be a $50.00 transfer fee. If you miss any of the class there will be a make up fee of $50.00 per hour.

2) All students are required to have their own, SCUBA quality mask, fins, boots and snorkel for all classes. Discounted packages can be purchased at Underwater Safaris.

3) Once you have signed up for a class we would like you to come into Underwater Safaris as soon as possible to pick up your books and fill out paperwork. YOU HAVE HOMEWORK PRIOR TO THE CLASS!

4) Prior to booking your class please look at the 1st page of the Medical Approval For Diving (which you can find HERE).

If anyone answer "yes" to any of these questions then you will need to forward all 6 pages to your doctor for medical approval for diving. We would then need the first and second pages completed and signed by you and your doctor before the first day of class. Please note, we will accept a scanned or faxed copy. If you do answer "yes" to any of these questions and do not have a medical approval for diving from your doctor, we will not be able to let you in the pool. If you answer "no" to all questions a medical approval for diving is not required.

When signing up online:

1)You must first make an account with Visible Divers

2)Please be sure to put in ALL of your information.

3)Visibile Divers defaults to Eastern Time, so please change your time zone to Central.

4)If you don't any e-mails they send out will have the incorrect time.

5)After creating an account. Find the class you would like to join, and click "Register".

6)It may take a moment for all the classes to load on the calendar.

7)This will open another screen where you can finish registering for your class.


In order to use the teaching resources at Underwater Safaris to their fullest, a Class Enrollment Minimum Policy is used to ensure that courses offered have a minimum number of enrolled students. Such a policy allows students to engage with a sufficient number of other learners in the classroom and also efficiently uses faculty time, thus facilitating the service portions of faculty obligations.