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  • NEW! Tuesday & Wednesday Weekday Group Class 2-6pm

NEW! Tuesday & Wednesday Weekday Group Class 2-6pm


Small, Semi-Private Group Classes!

Chicago's only in store pool!

 Two Days Confined Water + 1 evening zoom class $335

   Due to limited class size, all classes are two pool sessions plus a zoom class to cover the academic portion.  The zoom classes are one night and are scheduled Tue-Thur starting at 6pm and takes approximately 3-4 hours.  Private Zoom classes available outside the regular schedules are $75.  Zoom classes can be done before or after your confined water session but MUST be done before the Open Water Dives.

  The pool sessions are Tuesday and Wednesday, 2-6pm.  

You also have the option of doing eLearning instead of the book and zoom class at an additional charge.

This covers the first 2 parts of the certification. 

Once completed, you'll need to do four Open Water Dives which you can find here.

Book confined water classes below.

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To keep our prices low, all classes are nonrefundable & there is a $50 transfer fee to change the date.


  • Come into the store as soon as possible to pick up your books and fill out paperwork.  You have homework prior to the first day of class. 
  • Please look at the PADI Medical release everyone must complete to take this class.  You can find it here.  If anyone answers YES to questions 3, 5 or 10 on page one OR to any of the questions on page 2, please read and agree to the statement above by signing and dating it AND take all three pages of this form (Participant Questionnaire and the Physician’s Evaluation Form) to your physician for a medical evaluation as participation in a diving course requires your physician’s approval. 
  • By the first day of class you must have read and the ENTIRE book, complete knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter and watch both DVDs as well as complete the dive computer simulation card. (Inside the blue crewpack).  The books are included.  Please note, eLearning is available at an additional $195.30 if booked with Underwater Safaris ($217 if booked directly with PADI).  Elearning must be completed by the first day of class.
  • If you're doing the book portion, once you've read the entire book and completed the knowledge reviews please email to set up your zoom classroom session.  The class one session and takes approx. 3-4 hours.  These are scheduled Tue-Thur at 6pm.  Private Zoom class available at $75 pp.  This can be done before or after your pool sessions however it MUST be done prior to your Open Water Dives! 
  • Students must provide their own SCUBA quality mask, fin, snorkel and boots (if their fins require them), as well as bathing suit and towel for all class sessions. 
  • All students will be required to do a "Wellness Screening" prior to arriving to class. 

If doing pool & eLearning, book pool class date below and book eLearning here.

If doing pool & zoom, book pool class date below 

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

To keep our prices low, all classes are nonrefundable and there is a fee of $50 pp to change the date. 

PADI Open Water Diver Certification has three parts:

  1. Classroom OR *eLearning teaches about equipment, safety and dive planning.
  2. Confined Water (or pool) Dives develop basic scuba skills and Watermanship Assessment consisting of a 10 minute tread or float and a 300 yard mask/fin/snorkel swim.


      3. You'll do Four Open Water Dives where you'll demonstrate the scuba skills you learned in Confined Water but in an Open Water environment such as lake, quarry or ocean.

*PADI eLearning is a Premium option for the Open Water Class and is NOT mandatory.  Instead of book and dvd, complete the classroom portion online at home, the office or on an airplane!  

You will need your own Scuba quality mask, fins, snorkel and boots. This is basic gear that you will take with you wherever you go Scuba diving. Snorkel fins are not allowed.

If you like the water and adventure, you can probably become a PADI diver. Keep in mind the following:

  • You will need to fill out a medical form. Sometimes a doctor's approval is required before you can begin the class.
  • You must know how to swim. You don't have to be a great swimmer but you should be comfortable.
  • There is homework. You will need to read the PADI Open Water Manual, complete the knowledge reviews and watch the DVD. Books are included in the course fee. You also have the option of doing the PADI eLearning for an additional charge of $195.30 if booked with Underwater Safaris ($217 if booked directly with PADI).
  • Minimum age for the group classes is 12 years old. See the Youth Diver for children ages 10-11.

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