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  • PADI Basic Mermaid

PADI Basic Mermaid


Congratulations!  Basic Mermaid Certification May 2022!

Illinois' only PADI Mermaid Center!

 $250 pp includes eLearning

Vaccine mandate for the city of Chicago begins January 3rd, 2022.  Because of this we will require proof of vaccination for all pool classes.  Face masks required in the store.


Learn basic mermaiding principles and focus on practicing skills in our pool.


What is Mermaiding?

Mermaid diving is a world with one foot in reality and the other in fantasy. Mermaid lore originated centuries ago, yet even today, the myths tickle our imaginations. Water lovers, young and old, fantasize about living as mermaids – but unlike most such fantasies, this one we can make real – well, almost real. Mermaid equipment and costuming let us bridge fiction and fact, opening the door to this mystical culture through mermaid diving.

The PADI Mermaid Program is designed to be a rewarding and fun experience, suited to anyone with an interest in mermaid diving and basic swimming abilities. Although this experience shares techniques and equipment used in scuba and freediving, mermaid diving (or ‘mermaiding’) is its own form of diving. The PADI Mermaid Program is designed for non-divers and divers alike, as you don’t need any prior knowledge to enroll

Minimum age 12 years old for group class.  

Private classes available ages 8 and up at $325 pp

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The PADI Basic Mermaid™ course combines learning supporting knowledge and principles with a confined water skill development session to introduce the fun of fundamental mermaid diving. The course covers mermaid diving's background and culture, primary safety considerations, equipment and basic water skills.

Private classes available at $325 pp for ages 8 and up.  


To enroll in the PADI Basic Mermaid course, you must be at least 13 years old. You need to be able to swim at least 25m/80ft without swim aids, able to float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 mins and be in good physical health. No prior snorkeling, skin diving or freediving course completion is required.

The PADI Basic Mermaid course consists of two phases:

  • Study independently using PADI Basic Mermaid eLearning.
  • A confined water (pool) session to learn and practice basic mermaid diving skills, problem prevention and handling, and how to make mermaid dives

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