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Underwater Safaris Rental Rates

1st day/additional day/week
(weekly rates based on 7 day rental, i.e. Sat-Sat, etc...)
BCD $20/$10/$80 Tank $16/$8/$64
Regulator $20/$10/$80 Weight Belt w/weights $12/$6/$48
Wetsuit $20/$10/$80 Compass $10/$5/$40
Hood $10/$5/$40 Dive Computer $20 per day/$100 per week
Gloves $10/$5/$40 Dry Suit $55 per day

Lake Michigan Dive Rental Special:
Value $118.........Special $100
(1 day rental includes BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Hood, Gloves, 2-tanks, weight belt w/weights)
Caribbean Week Rental Special:
Value $240.........Special TBA
(includes BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit)
Rental rates are based on time out of the store, not time used.
Cash or credit card deposit required.
No Refunds on Rentals.
Certification card required for scuba equipment rentals.
Specialty certification required for Dry Suit Rental.
9% city rental tax not included.