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  • Underwater Pumpkin Carver

Underwater Pumpkin Carver

Have you mastered the art of carving a pumpkin*? Do you want to put your skills to the test and add another level of excitement to it? Have you ever just wanted to wield a knife** underwater while fish swam around you? Then, the Underwater Pumpkin Carver certification is for you!

You will learn trips and tricks to carving a pumpkin underwater, the proper buoyancy needed to do so, and how to not stab yourself, or your buddy while underwater.

*Doesn’t have to be a pumpkin, any other pumpkin-esque fruits. You could even do a turnip, as was part of the original Irish traditions to trick the devil, but you do you.

**Knifes being pumpkin carving kit knives. The following are not allowed: large kitchen knives, machetes, tridents, or other large bladed knives. Ultimate ruling will be based on instructor’s discretion on appropriateness of the knives. Again; NO machetes or tridents.


Minimum Age: 15 years, or 12 years with certified adult

Must be Open Water Certified

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

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