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  • Zombie Survivalist Diver

Zombie Survivalist Diver


This is it; the Zombie outbreak has finally come and devastated the world.  The zombie hordes are closing in on you and your fellow divers. Where will you go? How will you survive? Is it worth it when everything has dissolved into anarchy, death, and chaos?

Luckily, all is not lost. You and your fellow survivors have heard tell of a [virus? Vaccine? Antidote?] and zombie free island. You must work together to find food, gasoline, medical supplies, and keys to power the boat and escape to safety. You will have approximately 1 hour (or 1 tank of air) to work together to find the supplies, solve archaic clues, and escape. Oh, but the zombies have discovered you, and are en route to devour your brains and turn you into one of them. Good luck!

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